Music To Heaven

From Poetry & Music to Painting & Sculpture, Fine Arts are the everlasting pulse of the Al-Mawadda heart. Al-Mawadda events involve multitalented people & gifted artists in an intercreativity context called “Tabado3” by the legendary Lebanese poet Said Akl.

Al-Mawadda first event started with the production of the video clip “Papa Pax”, a multilingual song composed & performed by the Tenor Gaby Farah. Characterized by 8 styles of music, this jingle welcomed Pope Benedict XVI to Lebanon on the occasion of his visit to the country as a part of his mission to spread peace.

Our Gift to the Pope

Moreover, the CD of “Papa Pax” was sent to the Vatican to the attention of his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI inside an extraordinary sculpture created and designed by Rudy Rahme. This remarkable masterpiece gift was made of cedar wood, olive wood and marble powder.
Al-Mawadda Community received on this first project a lot of coverage and praise from local and international media such as the French Press Agency AFP. The agency Reuters filmed the making of “Papa Pax”. Euronews broadcast a multilingual report seen on YouTube. However, our main driving force came from the encouraging words of Al-Mawadda President himself Prof. Dr. Fr. Adel Theodore Khoury:

23 – 9 – 2012
Chère Suzy, J’ai enfin réussi à voir votre Chant de Paix sur Youtube. Je vous suis reconnaissant de mettre vos grands talents au service de la bonne cause et de la cause de la mawadda. Vous avez mentionné ceux qui vous ont soutenue. Si cela est un premier début de votre mission au service de la paix et de la mawadda au Liban, en Orient et dans le monde, vous serez pour notre projet commun un énorme soutien.Merci encore une fois.
Que le Seigneur Jésus vous bénisse!
~P. Adel Théodore Khoury

17 – 9 – 2-12
Bravo. Félicitations cordiales pour tes initiatives et tes contributions au succès de la visite du Pape au Liban.

Flying towards The Light

Dear Fr. Theodore, thank you for your support that is motivating us to try harder, to hope stronger and to achieve more and more. Thank you for lifting our dreams and carrying our aspirations, pushing us to fly higher over the rainbow towards the light.
~Suzy El Hage