Al-Mawadda Community is about each & everyone contributing to this project by sharing our longing for peace, by helping us & giving us a hand, a thought, an effort, a home, time…and even a smile, and by believing in our aims, principles and noble cause.

A Special Tribute to Nadine Antoine El-Hage our overseas assistant and to them all known as the unknown soldiers, to name but a few: Elie Salameh, Charbel Khoueiry & Fady Hachem from the production house Deep Fried Cheddar (DFC) that directed our first video clip for peace “Papa Pax”; Tony Mattar, Sara Chidiac & Christelle Tahtouh from Publimatt Agency that produced our logo the Mawadda coin designed by Suzy El Hage.

Al-Mawadda Thank You goes first to the industrious soldiers Eliane Fersan & Crystel Chayeb who helped in launching our website.

A special Thank You to the Soprano Anja-Mechtild Giraud and the Calligraphy & Font Designer Mourad Boutros.

An endless Thank You to Walid Samir El Hage for offering us the domain

An everyday Thank You to Ludwig Arcache who developed the website as well as to Brother Rami El Azar from Saint Paul Missionaries, and to our beloved Corine & Joseph Rabbaa.

An ever more Thank You to our dearest assistant Eliane Mouawad.

An enormous Thank You to Rita Bassem El Hage & Me. Mirna Said.

The loudest Thank You to the artistic photographer Nada Karam.

The forever grateful Thank You to you all for your Tabaado3 input i.e. Intercreativity concept set by the legendary Lebanese poet Said Akl :
Gaby Farah & Rudy Rahme, Bassem Christo & Fouad Choufany,
Artistic choreographer Sami Hajj & Nicole Nehme (Al Younbouh),
Philip Abi Zaid (Kalam El Nass), & George Jones (…

We are all one in the Mawadda Community whose logo is the Mawadda Coin of brotherhood & peace.