Hand in hand with Al Mawadda

Hand some humanity & mercy.
Hand some equality & dignity.
Hand some love & laughter.
Hand some security & peace.
Handsome life for all.

إضغط هنا لتعبئة إستمارة المعلومات

Jihan Zahawi – The Uncatchable Rainbow

From her stunning mother Najda & handsome father Hareth to her beloved beautiful children: Faisal, Louis, Saria, George & Sulla, I love Jihan from all my heart.

She would describe herself as “a humanitarian first and foremost”. Born in Baghdad, brought up in London and bred in Britain where her brother Nadhim Zahawi is currently a member of parliament, this Iraqi-British lady is married to the Lebanese business man Elie Sekyneh and a mother of five. She holds a post graduate degree in psychology with emphasis on education. She has also obtained a degree in teaching English as a foreign language. On an academic level, she taught at SABIS Choueifat history, geography and social studies. On a business level, she worked as consultant in the advertising, banking and entrepreneurial fields.
Since we met, she keeps on amazing me with her non-stop “fully-charged” unbeatable energy and activism in many charities for old people, poor families, disabled, Down syndrome… You name it!

One day she is at a hospital accompanying an emergency case of an Iraqi refugee.. Another day she’s organizing a wedding for an Iraqi refugee couple.
Every day and always shining like an uncatchable rainbow.

Suzy El Hage

Alice Naayem – She’s Got the Will

Iraqi-born Alice is married to Lebanese industrialist Farid Naayem and a mother of two. She is proud to be the daughter of late Philip Bahoshy whose family discovered he had been silently giving and helping others all his life. Many Iraqi families were living on his donations, and he also donated land for building a school and helped building a church.
I met her at a gathering for the British Ladies of Lebanon of which she is a committee member, and I left that first gathering honestly impressed by her elegance, poise and a sort of kindness that reminded me of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.
I think she was born smiling! Every time I see her, she lights up the room with her smiling eyes. She’s always got the will to give, the will to care, the will to help, the will to love.

Nadine El Hage

HandSome is a non profitable organization started by both, Jihan Alzahawi and Alice Bahoshy Naayem here, in Lebanon , as a direct result of the influx of thousands of Iraqi refugees mainly from northern Iraq caused by IsIs/daash invasion to the region.

Most of them are highly educated graduates , post graduates doctors pharmacists engineers teachers lawyers etc.One minutes they were living in the luxury of their own homes,the next they are refugees with NO HOMES.

The UN is trying its best to register and get them placed in a host country, but this procedure takes at least 2 years in which they need to find a way to generate money to live on.

They need our help and advice…
Many of them can work from home,as they have many skills, eg: cooking sewing/needlework ironing..some could offer cleaning,DIY services/ handymen,nurses physiotherapist etc etc..
They are needy and helpless people. A by product of a dirty political game which they had no control what so ever over it.

Any help will be highly appreciated money, food supplies clothes house hold equipment.
Anything and everything will be of help somewhere, someone
Many Many thanks in advance.

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